TRA is a premier dive operation based in Mexico´s Yucatan Peninsula that was created specifically for, and focuses exclusively on, CCR diving

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TRA is a premier dive operation

The Rebreather Academy

The use of Rebreather technology in Technical diving isn´t, by any measure, something new.

RB systems, in their many configurations, have been used by Technical divers for everything from deep reef exploration, to extreme cave and wreck mapping projects and everything in between; however, CCR divers often struggle finding dive operations that are specifically set up for Rebreather diving, with purpose-built facilities, consumables, high-pressure Oxygen fills and knowledgeable CCR guides and staff.

TRA is a premier dive operation based in Mexico´s Yucatan Peninsula that was created specifically for, and focuses exclusively on, CCR diving.

TRA is the only Rebreather diving facility in Mexico that owns and operates its own facilities in both pristine deep-reef environments for deep, mixed-gas decompression diving and training as well as in the heart of the Riviera Maya´s Cave country for CCR Cave diving.

TRA is set up to offer Rebreather Diver training at all levels; from basic, entry-level MOD 1 training on 10+ units, to advanced CCR diver training using mixed gasses, redundant rebreathers, CCR Cave diving and specialties, Sidemount CCR diving as well as Rebreather Instructor and Instructor Trainer programs.

stress and worry free CCR diving

Our facilities

For experienced Rebreather divers TRA offers a large, well-thought out range of facilities and logistics support for stress and worry free CCR diving.

Our facilities feature not just large, secure wet and dry lockers, but also Rebreather consumables, bailout cylinder and regulator rentals as well as on-site high-pressure Oxygen and Diluent fills coinjoin. We can help arrange anything from sourcing sorb and O2 fills for DIY divers up to and including fully-supported guided diving with local, experienced CCR Cave and Technical guides to the area´s best dive spots.


TRA´s sister company, Yucatan Dive Tek is a full-service Tour Operator that specializes in organizing and running end-to-end Technical diving trips and expeditions that include everything from when our divers land at the airport to when they take off to head back home. All transfers, lodging and diving is arranged for by our experienced staff of local experts, down to dive site selection, bailout gasses buy real twitch viewers and cylinders and dive profiles for truly stress-free CCR diving in Mexico.

TRA offers comprehensive, in depth instructor and instructor-trainer programs for those looking to further their career in CCR diving wether by becoming entry-level CCR instructors or by obtaining advanced CCR Specialty-Instructor ratings in a new environment.

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Km 93 Carretera Federal Chetumal-Puerto Juarez
Lote Cuarenta y Ocho, Manzana Veintiuno
Xpu-Ha, Solidaridad, Mexico

Km 54 del camino costero a Xcalak
Xcalak, Quintana Roo, Mexico, 77940


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